William George Letley,

William George Letley
Battle of Waterloo
The Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon Bonaparte, ending the Napoleonic wars.
June 18, 1815
Peterloo Massacre
Cavalry was used to disperse a large crowd who were demanding electoral reform. 15 were killed and hundreds injured.
August 16, 1819
Birth of a son
Anbrose Letley
January 16, 1820
Christening of a sonAnbrose Letley
March 1, 1820
Address: St Mary's
The Crimean War from October 16, 1853 to March 30, 1856

Death of a sonAnbrose Letley
March 5, 1891
The Boer War
Battle for control of southern Africa
from October 11, 1899 to May 31, 1902

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