Battle of Waterloo
The Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon Bonaparte, ending the Napoleonic wars.
June 18, 1815
Peterloo Massacre
Cavalry was used to disperse a large crowd who were demanding electoral reform. 15 were killed and hundreds injured.
August 16, 1819
Birth of a son
Richard Smith Young
about 1823
Marriage of a childRichard Smith YoungSarah DenmanView this family
March 2, 1848
The Crimean War from October 16, 1853 to March 30, 1856

Death of a sonRichard Smith Young
September 10, 1874
Cause: Chronic rheumatic gout 25 years, chronic dyspepsia several weeks
The Boer War
Battle for control of southern Africa
from October 11, 1899 to May 31, 1902

Olympic Games
Games of the IV Olympiad
from April 27, 1908 to October 31, 1908
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An unknown Mrs Young. Maiden name not known